Volkswagen won’t get rid of natural gas vehicles: it will require at least 15 years

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March 14, 2020
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March 22, 2020

There was apparently a misinterpreted phrase, that for many insiders it seemed that Volkswagen has bid farewell to CNG. 

Last year the Wolfsburg group sold just 110,000 methane cars worldwide, but the reality is very different. The real stoppage will start in six years as Michael Jost, head of Volkswagen’s product strategy, announced in December 2018. “In 2026 production of the latest combustion engine platform will begin”.

So the thermal engine is going to last over ten years. Why? For the disappearance of the combustion engines on the models of the group, it will be necessary to wait at least 2036, but a realistic date – given the average life of the current platforms and engines including updates – could even be 2040. 

The New Golf 8 2020, will be available in a CNG variant (TGI version)

But regulations, emissions and technologies will also play an important role in future plans. For now, it is confirmed that by 2020 the TGI natural gas version of the Golf 8 will debut. Of course, there will be a more precise and defined plan in this regard in the coming years.

However, since automakers have to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 37.5% by the end of the decade, pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids will be pushed and supported. For now with slow but steadily growing sales volumes. 

It’s not a quick-ending story but for Volkswagen, it’s the beginning of the end. I’m sure that RNG incipient growth might be the only factor that could increase interest from VW towards NGVs and that’s in the years to come.

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