This could cause you major losses 💰 at your CNG station

Phillipe Heisch – Global sales manager of LNG distribution systems at Cryostar
July 31, 2019
Ryan Chan, CEO & Founder at UpKeep Maintenance Management
August 16, 2019

When the differences between your gas distributor meter and your CNG sales become an issue that you can’t explain after properly calibrating every equipment, it’s time to think about pulsating flow.

Many reciprocating compressors may have recovery or buffer tanks, but the important thing is that it must be in-line with the suction all the time and it has to be correctly design to dampen the pulsation so they can’t reach the meters upstream.

When this happens, you get frustrated with perfectly calibrated meters on both ends, but that sistematically get wrong values. It’s demonstrated that a turbine type meter can reach even 20 or 50% above the correct measurements.

Do you have important deviations at your CNG station?

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