Take these 16 LinkedIn courses on remote management for free!

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April 8, 2020
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April 12, 2020

Go ahead and learn how to better adapt to these complicated times.

The courses are split in 4 categories:

Maximize Efficiency and Productivity of Remote Work 

New to working from home? These courses provide work/life hacks that can help you create a productive remote work environment, optimize your schedule for peak productivity (including meaningful breaks to help you avoid burnout), and show up the way you want to on video conference calls: 

Remotely Manage and Lead Teams 

Managing and leading teams under normal circumstances has its challenges. So, how do you lead a team remotely and make sure to keep your people engaged? Learn how to encourage productivity, engagement and boost morale remotely with the following courses: 

Get to Know Your Remote Work Productivity Tools 

For many of us, a new work environment means new virtual technology. Get to know the productivity tools that will help you connect with colleagues when you’re not in the same physical location: 

Pick your favorite and start developing your online business skills! Let me know how did it go.

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