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June 17, 2020
Job Seekers Special: How to stand out in LinkedIn within the NGV Industry
August 3, 2020

I’m decided to help people in our industry to be leaders in this digital platform. The last 2 jobs I’ve landed came from inbound job seeking (employers being attracted by my Linkedin Profile)and it’s time to share this knowledge in a time when it matters. I am a Mechanical Engineer and a NGV Expert with over 12 years of experience.

I want to emphasize that finding a new job is not only about applying to many different job boards. Neither is a place to contact and annoy everyone in a managerial position and ask for a new job. This is a thing of the past. There is a new way to get that new job, and maximizing the use of LinkedIn is the key to increase your visibility. 

LinkedIn is not a place to connect and immediately annoy everyone in a managerial position and ask for a new job.

I’ve been in that place, where we are eagerly looking for our next job, and applying isn’t good enough. I want to share with you all those tools that helped me become visible and a go-to person in our industry. 

Here you will learn what’s the right way to increase your chances to find a new job in the NGV Industry.

This Free Online Training is set up for:

Saturday, August 1st, 8 am Mexico Time / 6:30 pm India Standard Time 

Add this event to your calendar and get the access link by clicking here.

Training Topics

On this day you will have the opportunity to learn the basics for increasing your visibility and having the knowledge on how to stand out in the NGV Industry.

LinkedIn for the NGV Industry

There is much more to LinkedIn in 2020 than just being a Job Seeking platform, and this can be used to our advantage

Profile Revamping

A remarkable profile can increase 60% your probability of being hired and it captures the attention of head hunters. We will learn a couple tools to improve it inmediately.

Building your network properly

Building your network properlyLet your network work in your favor. We will learn how important it is to reach out your next employer the right way, and how to increase (and not reduce) your chances of being hired

Gaining visibility

We will go through different strategies like content generation and smart interaction with the Linkedin Platform to become influential and a remarkable professional on the platform

Join me and let’s start your journey to a successful NGV Professional.

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