Phillipe Heisch – Global sales manager of LNG distribution systems at Cryostar

Lynn Lyon, VP of Strategic Marketing at Hexagon Lincoln
July 17, 2019
This could cause you major losses 💰 at your CNG station
August 13, 2019

I want you to meet Philippe Heisch. He is the Global Sales Manager of LNG distribution systems at Cryostar, and a really passionate professional when it comes to bringing a new and efficient alternative fuel system to the market.

During the full podcast interview -that you can hear on Spotify or Apple Podcasts-, we could learn many different things about Cryostar. A company with an amazing background in a very specific industry which is: cryogenic equipment. At this moment Cryostar is scaling from 400 to more than 800 workers with many different facilities continuously evolving around the world. Not only that, Cryostar is one of the leaders with the operation of more than 77 refueling stations in Europe at this moment.

If you know nothing about LNG, you should start right here. In this episode, we go deep into understanding what are the basic requirements for developing new LNG stations, and how to start dimensioning them. We get to know a lot better about how can LNG tackle the autonomy issues and still be considered as a feasible solution for Heavy Duty fleet owners.

FUELNG-Deploy by Cryostar

Philippe talked with us about a very interesting opportunity for developing LNG stations by introducing the concept of the FUELNG-Deploy Product. A solution for quickly installing LNG Stations and a wonderful concept that is already a reality.

We talk extendedly on the LNG market trends in China, Europe and America, and how policies developments can impact the market.

To conclude, we discussed about the vulnerability of the LNG market when linked to oil prices and we discuss a very interesting idea of developing an International Organization exclusively dedicated to Natural Gas Vehicles.

Learn more about LNG as a fuel.

Here’s what we discuss in this episode:

  • Why Philippe is so passionate about LNG and Cryogenics (2:06)
  • The Cryostar beginnings and upcoming amazing growth (4:08)
  • What exactly makes Cryostar a so special company (10:40)
  • How Liquified Natural Gas works? (14:00)
  • How polytical decisions may impact the growth of the LNG market and the final customer decision to prefer an alternative fuel? (20:30)
  • What the LNG industry can learn about the execution in other countries, like the Chinese LNG Market? (28:16)
  • How the transportation industry is configured in Europe and America regarding Heavy Duty OEMS? (35:20)
  • What is the FUELNG-Deploy option, and what are their advantages? What’s the capacity for this removable fueling station? (44:00)
  • Is Liquified Biogas a reality? What are the trends reagarding moving biogas transformed to LNG? (56:39)
  • What is the real impact of Marine Air Pollution from ships, and what’s the participation of Cryostar in transforming this reality with LNG Ships (1:03:20)
  • Why we should keep an eye on new environmental policies, LNG new OEM developments, and the continuous education of young generations on these topics. (1:10:00)


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