Using Google Mobility reports to estimate natural gas consumption drops and Biogas around Europe

Taxis, Trucks and Buses fuel demand staggeringly low, Covid-19 and Natural Gas Prices super-low trend
March 22, 2020
360° Video of a CNG refueling in Mexico 📹
April 8, 2020

Big Data is providing new insights on what to expect regarding mobility and fuel demand for the upcoming weeks, using information from Google. Natural Gas Spot Prices remain around 1.6 dollars per MMBTU.   

It is a week to deeply analyze Renewable Natural Gas, through very important reports on RNG around Europe.

Listen to the NGV World Podcast with a new season and a new format – Episode 16.

It continues to be a challenging week, the US is receiving a huge impact with the COVID-19 outbreak, and India announced a complete lockdown that seems to be having a good effect. 

We have great insights on mobility, this time with very interesting and detailed data reports on mobility from Google, which is a great proxy for fuel consumption and of course NGV consumption.

Visit the Google Community Mobility Reports

Regions with the biggest impact on mobility
Regions with the quickest mobility recoveries.

We also covered 2 pieces of news related to Biogas around Europe and a new magazine release dedicated to NGVs.

We have our regular GAS PRICE OVERVIEW section where we will talk about the behavior on Natgas prices this week, and also a quick review of what’s happening in India regarding pricing.

Great NGV Content of the Week

Of course, we will have our Great NGV Content of the week where I’m excited to show you great pieces from Chevron, a cool CNG fleet station in Arizona and a 360 video of a CNG station in Mexico.

Chevron – Pasture 

Dave Clement describes CNG fleet waste management station in Arizona

CNG Refueling in Querétaro from inside the hood (360°)

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