A Quick Guide for CNG Stations

Ravindra Vasisht, Director at Agility India Pvt Ltd & Hexagon Composites India Pvt Ltd
December 26, 2019
The bright future of the Mexican CNG Heavy-duty truck market
February 29, 2020

Just found this interesting CNG Infrastructure guide in a publication dated from 2015.

It was prepared by members of the Drive Natural Gas Initiative which is made up of members of America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) and the American Gas Association (AGA). The purpose of this document is to assist interested parties in determining if the development of a CNG fueling facility is viable to their interests.

It pretty much covers all the essentials to understand the business and is a very good read for anyone starting off in this industry. It contains the following:

  • Natural Gas Overview
  • CNG Station Business Models
  • Constructing the CNG Station
  • CNG Station Configurations
  • Safety and Code Requirements
  • Site Selection Criteria
  • CNG Station Economics
  • Other CNG Installations

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